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Your Position: Home > Unicycle /Scooter > Free shipping 36V9AH Lifepo4 Battery Pack $249.99 for 500W E-bike!!
 Free shipping 36V9AH Lifepo4 Battery Pack $249.99 for 500W E-bike!!

Free shipping 36V9AH Lifepo4 Battery Pack $249.99 for 500W E-bike!! comment rank 5

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  • Free shipping 36V9AH Lifepo4 Battery Pack $249.99 for 500W E-bike!!    
Free shipping 36v9ah battery pack
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  • Free shipping 36V9AH Lifepo4 Battery Pack $249.99 for 500W E-bike!!    

For green!

Are you an environmentalist?

Are you crazy about e-bike tours after being trapped in the city 

for a long time?

If so, do you worry about the pollution of used lead acid batteries?

Do you always wanna be safe and green when you go cycling?

Here LiFePO4 battery can solve these problems.


“Keep safe and go green” is what LiFePO4 e-bike battery pursues.


Lifepo4 36v 9ah Battery pack for 500 W E-bike 

1 Model: RC-EV- 3609
2 Material: Lifepo4
3 Nominal Volt: 38.4V (3.2V any single cell)
4 Nominal Capacity: 9AH
5 Weight: 3.3Kg
6 Dimension:(L*W*H) 142*87*172mm
7 Fully-charged pack voltage: 43.8V (3.65V any single cell) 
8 Recommended cut-off voltage: 30V (2.5V any single cell)
9 Minimum voltage: 24V (2V any single cell) 
10 Standard charge Current: 2-5A
11 Continuous Discharge Current: 20A
12 Burst Current 40A
13 motor power : 500 W or below
14 Working Charge Temp : 0~50°C 
15 Working Discharge Temp: –20°C~50°C
16 Storage Temperature: –20°C~50°C
17 Application: e-bike batteries, pedal battery, e-scooters, conversion kits
18 Recommended Charger: 36V 2A LiFePO4 Professional Charger
19 Circle life: 2000 cycles to 80% with 100% DOD under normal temperature 

Detailed description about the battery:


This is a new LiFePO4( Lithium Iron Phosphate) 36V 9Ah battery for your Electric 

Bicycles provided by A123 RC store. It is assembled by 26650 3000mAh cells under

the configuration of 12S3P. It is a good choice if you wanna keep a spare electric bike

battery on hand to double your range or as a replacement battery.




The material of this battery is LiFePO4 as mentioned before. LiFePO4 battery is the

safest and fastest growing battery system for electric bike/bicycle applications and

it offers high-energy density and light weight.


Features of LiFePO4


(1)Safe technology of LiFePO4 battery can protect the battery from catching fire or exploding.

(2)The LiFePO4 battery has over 2000 discharge cycles life compared with lead 

acid battery which typically has only around 300 times.

(3)LiFePO4 battery has extremely low self discharge rate. 

(4)LiFePO4 batteries is the most environmentally friendly battery.

(5)LiFePO4 is maintenance free.




The size of this battery is 142×87×172mm. With this small size, there will be no problem 

with you to replace your lead acid battery. 


The weight of the battery is 3.3Kg. Such light weight means light load of your bike.


We installed a 12S20A BMS in the battery which can protect it from over-charging

and over-discharging. Moreover the balance function of the BMS can balance the

performances of every series which is able to assure good performance of the whole battery.




According to the above information, we can know that the max continuous current of

the battery is 20A. So this 36V9Ah liFePO4 battery is available for those e-bikes 

whose motor is right or below 500W. Normally it has an average range of 19-20km 

per charge. Range may vary depending upon rider weight and terrain. 36 volt systems

boast faster speeds, quicker acceleration, greater range and better hill climbing 

capability than 24 volt systems.


The charge plug of this battery is female Cannon connector. We normally left the

discharging wire there without any  connectors. If you have any other requirements

about the connector, Please let us know.


About charging, we suggest customer always use matchable proper LiFePO4 charger.

The standard charge current of the battery is 2-5AYou can fast charge it 

sometimes, but we don’t suggest you use fast charger frequently. Because fast 

charging will do harm to the battery’s longevity.

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