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New High Power Automotive AHR32113M1Ultra with screws

New High Power Automotive AHR32113M1Ultra with screws comment rank 5

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  • New High Power Automotive AHR32113M1Ultra with screws    
High Power Automotive AHR32113M1Ultra Installed screws, is produced by the a123 system of high-quality, high-power automotive screws, through rigorous testing, a lot of power for automobiles.
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  • New High Power Automotive AHR32113M1Ultra with screws    

 High Power Automotive AHR32113M1Ultra Installed screws ( screw was added by ourselves)

32113 Automotive Class Lithium Ion™ Cell: (Those cells installed with screws)

A123 Systems recognizes that the impending transportation revolution requires industry-specific solutions. To that end, we have developed the high power AHR32113M1Ultra designed for HEV applications, offering very low cost per Watt.

The AHR32113 uses the new Ultra electrode design, offering even higher power than the traditional ANR26650M1.

Capacity: 4AH

Continuous Discharge Rate: 30C

Dimension: 32X113mm         

Weight: 210g

Applications: Widely used in high power vehicle, such as Passenger automotive and heavy-duty commercial vehicle

32113 passes all USABC abuse tests: short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, thermal stability (modified hot box), nail penetration (RT), nail penetration (55℃) controlled crush, mechanical shock, thermal shock.

Rate Capacity Validation,20℃shown; Continuous discharge at up to 40C


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